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Perception out of polygamy toward students compared to the monogamy marriages

Table step 3 Indicate variations in the fresh Warning sign Record-90-Revised score one of feamales in polygamous ous marriage ceremonies in five knowledge [9, 31,31,32]

Shortly after an effective lapse of time and steady adaptation, these types of feminine stated that negative bodily, mental and you will social thinking carry out fall off

There were a couple of education [forty-two, 46] hence stated this new feeling out-of polygamy on students with regards to away from psychological effect with the SCL-ninety instrument (Dining table cuatro). The results into the emotional perception advertised a slightly greater risk in children having moms and dads exercising polygamy as compared to monogamy in which somatization (MD 0.20 [95% CI: 0.07, 0.34]), obsessive-compulsive (MD 0.twenty-seven [95% CI: 0.012, 0.42]), social sensitivity (MD 0.31 [95% CI: 0.14, 0.46]), anxiety (MD 0.twenty-two [95% CI: 0.08, 0.37]), anxiety (MD 0.07 [95% CI: ? 0.06, 0.20]) with p > 0.05, hostility (MD 0.24 [95% CI: 0.09, 0.39]), phobia (MD 0.33 [95% CI: 0.18, 0.49]), paranoia (MD 0.16 [95% CI: 0.01, 0.31]), and you will psychoticism (MD 0.twenty-eight [95% CI: 0.twelve, 0.43]). The fresh new GSI for kids that have polygamous moms and dads has higher mean huge difference which is 0.21 (95% CI: 0.ten, 0.33) compared to the monogamous mothers. Čítať viac