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7 Sages off Ancient Greece – Impression & Quotations

The newest 7 Sages out of Old Greece are the new unique label one to obtained of the Greek lifestyle to your seven smart guys during the the brand new old Greece who have been statesmen, law-givers, and philosophers. they are applauded because of their fundamental understanding that contained memorable dicta and you will pithy.

According to Pittacus Lore, Seven of Parents traveled so you can Greece where it brought the latest location to heightened ways of convinced and has worked to place relief from the war afflicting it back then. They certainly were known as the newest Seven Sages off ancient Greece and you may became part of the steeped history

Below was an instant introduction on seven Sages regarding Old Greece too several of the top rates:

Bias from Priene

There is zero certainty whether Bias out-of Priene are a mere laborer or if the guy originated from an affluent nearest and dearest. Čítať viac