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New Montana Disaster Rental Guidance program aids Montanans with educated financial difficulties in person, indirectly or for the COVID-19 pandemic and so are vulnerable to construction instability.

The application are funded from government Consolidated Appropriations Operate (ERA1) and you may American Save your self Package Operate (ERA2), appropriated so you’re able to Montana Construction by 67th Montana Legislature thru HB step 3, HB 630, and you can HB 632.

  • Overdue and future rent (limit $2,200 four weeks)
  • Overdue and you may upcoming power bills for house time costs (limitation $five hundred per month for each and every eligible electric. Raise away from $three hundred a month full energetic )
  • Delinquent and you can future online sites ($fifty monthly)
  • Past-due lease late costs (sensible later fees once the supported by lease arrangement or property manager verification)
  • Outstanding rental safety deposit
  • Leasing software and you may tests fees

This task allows you to know if your loved ones is approved for rent and you can electric recommendations. Čítať viac