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I care basically like me, that is what I really value

As opposed to the newest lesbians of your own pulp time which hid regarding shadows, feigned heterosexuality, otherwise the time committing suicide, Molly Bolt is actually unashamed, unbothered from the anybody telling the girl she herself was wrong having declining to obtain a partner and you will rather thinking to be a beneficial filmmaker or the chairman of All of us

Regardless of the media notice reduced so you’re able to women’s liberation, as well as depiction from lesbianism as good spectacle, the newest 1970s just weren’t from this new pulp-book time that had made Highsmith’s untragic ending toward Price out-of Salt instance a keen anomaly. Therese and you may Carol was McCarthy-time adult lady, whereas Rubyfruit Jungle tunes the tomboyish and you will edgy Molly Bolt off values college about sixties courtesy puberty as well as on to school, where she’s kicked away for a love having a roommate, best the girl to some other bohemian existence from the unseemly Eastern Community, a beneficial secteur Molly claims she discover when you look at the “some trashy guide.”

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