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Questionnaire show indicated that people works remotely sometimes as they are needed to or as they prefer the liberty

Gig really works and you can secluded performs was modifying the employment landscape and you can so it report examines their part in the future out of works.

Higher quantities of employment fulfillment, self-confident works–life equilibrium and impact safer were said of these operating from another location for the pandemic. Companies one to effortlessly transition so you can remote performs is also maintain company community, influence remote works tools and you may foster creativity.

While doing so, regulators is to make a position requirements and you can laws for remote performs and to change taxation for businesses and you can group.

The brand new statement affirms you to definitely higher investigation gaps will always be about your concert savings and you can experts are involved on worker control and you can energy imbalances. Although not, questionnaire respondents conveyed self-confident feelings from agency and you will fairness one of gig professionals.

New report’s trick conclusions range from the proceeded importance of independence for the future of work; the necessity for changes so you can work legal rights, providers and you can development helps, social shelter and you may technology rules; therefore the need to address the new precarity and you will inequality made worse of the the new pandemic. Čítať viac