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In those WTs, i benchmarked additional method paradigms off user places and you may looked bring about issues

So it WT is actually intent on the analysis of one’s additional measures that are offered one of Absolute-Net companies inside our blog post-pandemic fact and exactly how they are conducted in practice. Users will appear toward entertaining talks, concrete times on organizations and you will an analysis of one’s own organisation’s approach paradigm.

The functional dining table Work place Selection taken place away from twenty-four courtesy from the Statsbygg headquarters within the Oslo

In the past eight age, environmental surroundings has evolved significantly. Therefore, this year’s method WT often adjust the newest proper paradigms into the new insights, and we’ll learn, interactively, out-of real-life samples of fellow Natural-Net people, that have attempted to close the fresh gap between assigned spots and you will real behaviour.

The 2009 fulfilling try hosted by the Restoration Product off Senate Services. The idea of the working dining table were to change feel during the business government in order to speak about just how studio management normally donate to the fresh objectives of your teams and you will all of our consumers. Brand new appointment are intended for method advisors, agency minds and you can advisors, businesses out-of FM related divisions and others with an interest inside such themes.

The fresh WT try a take-through to the new 2014 and you will 2015 strategy WTs you to definitely looked at “Sheer Approach Paradigms” and the proper roles out-of Sheer-Online businesses

  • Carbon neutrality, time & emissions (Finland)
  • Facility Government Services, provided versus. split attributes (Denmark)
  • Hybrid work and you will common practices when you look at the FM (The netherlands)
  • Coming style (Norway)

The original an element of the time Statsbygg presented the growth System, which is called tomorrow Public Markets Work environment. Čítať viac