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The fresh Superfriends faced Nyxly to discover the Love Totem, however, were not successful because of Lex having came back in the upcoming

To relax off everything you, this new Superfriends starred jenga up until Kara arrived, who was simply wanting to stop Nyxly. J’onn grabbed William Dey to the Tower to explain the rules on what he should blog post about them and you will just what he must not. J’onn jokingly warned him when he listings one thing poor the guy will have to delete his notice. Because people become attacking each other for the Totem out-of Mankind, J’onn, Alex, and you will Kelly grabbed it abreast of themselves to eliminate some one from bringing harm.

J’onn plus the cluster notable brand new earn up to it discovered that Esme owned the fresh new Totem regarding Like and you can J’onn, Kara, Alex, and Kelly ran looking for her, nonetheless sadly watched because William died due to Lex

J’onn additionally the class talked about that Lena may help her or him contrary the newest totem’s enchantment. J’onn was a student in charges away from catching this new theft exactly who grabbed advantage from taking something as chaos occurred in the town up until Lena been able to restore humanity to any or all and you will Kara been able to have the totem. Brand new Superfriends famous acquiring the totem and chose to work harder to get the second you to definitely. [69]

J’onn, Kara, Alex, and Kelly unearthed that Esme encountered the capability to mimic vitality. J’onn and Kara encountered Nyxly to discover the Totem out of Hope. Čítať viac